- Global Canine Communication, The World's First Public Website Launched 1998


Launched February 1998, TheDogPlace was the world’s first public website, the first to achieve global access and equally unique, it is still a FREE service for all dog owners.




Authoritative FREE information on everything from allergies to X-rays, by AKC accredited dog breeders, judges and veterinarians.


Canine Health Section

Veterinary scholars on the health effects of today's common "practices."



Dog Training Made Easy

It's never too late for Basic Obedience & Good Manners, free useful advice.



Authoritative information on training, spay/neuter, barking and more!




From cutting nails to riding in the car, everyday problem solving made easy!


DOG BREEDS & Breeder Listings

Find the right breed for your lifestyle and a top breeder to help you start out right.



Free Dog-e-Book Directory

Get LISTED or FIND everyone from AKC breeders to trainers and veterinarians!



Feeding your dog is simple and healthy! We've done it for thousands of years!



Video Theater

World's first! Using sight and sound to entertain and inform dog lovers.


TheDogPlace Projects

When  POLITICS  don't work, they become  PROJECTS  and we get  RESULTS! 




How to breed a winner, plus proven steps to success in the $52 billion dollar sport of dogs. EST 1998 is proud to be part of the NetPlaces Network


See our Mission Statement ~ Science And Advisory Board ~ Journalists and Reporters


Learn about your dog with quick but insightful Tips And Tricks



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