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Information on all dog breeds and contact information for over 3,000 dog breedersAll Dog Breeds and 3,300 Listed Dog Breeders


Find just the right breed for your lifestyle and a top breeder to help you choose the perfect family pet or watch dog.


Professional advise and information in ThePetPlace


Authoritative FREE information on dog food, dog training, housebreaking, chewing, spay/neuter, barking and more!


The dog-e-directory "phone book" for boarding, grooming, training servicesFind "Everyone Who's Anyone" in the Dog-e-Book


Dog breeders, groomers, trainers and pet-related businesses in your area or if you offer professional services, get LISTED!


Learn how to groom, show your own dog, and be a part of the exciting world of dog shows!Free Grooming and Handling tips in TheShowPlace


Plus national rankings, how to breed a winner, and steps to success in the $52 billion dollar sport of dogs.



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